Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving break was absolutley amazing!! I loved it, i didnt want it to end. Everyday i woke up at noon or later. I love sleeping in, it was fun! But, of course it had to end. I seriously ate so much food, it was unbelievable. This whole break i pretty much just hung out with my friends, and spent a little time with the family. I guess i love my friends more than family, but thats what you think. My break felt like it went on forever and ever, i thought it was never gonna end, but i didnt want it to end. I liked being outa school and having no homework. My moms new boyfriend came down from Washington to come see her, and wants her to move up there now. HAHAH! i think thats a funny idea im not going with her, shes on her own on that one. I dont think she will move though. But i miss playing with my friends everyday. I want school to be out already. My break was pretty funn i loved it and didnt want it to end. But than yet all good times come to an end.

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