Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving break was absolutley amazing!! I loved it, i didnt want it to end. Everyday i woke up at noon or later. I love sleeping in, it was fun! But, of course it had to end. I seriously ate so much food, it was unbelievable. This whole break i pretty much just hung out with my friends, and spent a little time with the family. I guess i love my friends more than family, but thats what you think. My break felt like it went on forever and ever, i thought it was never gonna end, but i didnt want it to end. I liked being outa school and having no homework. My moms new boyfriend came down from Washington to come see her, and wants her to move up there now. HAHAH! i think thats a funny idea im not going with her, shes on her own on that one. I dont think she will move though. But i miss playing with my friends everyday. I want school to be out already. My break was pretty funn i loved it and didnt want it to end. But than yet all good times come to an end.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Dont Really Knowww..

Theres really nothing too interresting about me. I love to play sports, especially rugby, football, and pretty much anything else. Most people think that rugby is a boys sport, but when i was little i always went down to the park and practice playing with my big brothers teams. They taught me how to play, and how to avoid most of the injuries that occur. My brothers Team was always welcoming to me, and i guess they loved to watch me try and play rugby. As the years went by though i got better, but his team had broken up and no longer were playing. When my brothers come to visit we still play it in the backyard just like the good old times.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

mei family...

My family is not as typical as they come. I have 4 older brothers and sisters, one sister-in-law, and one step-sister. My oldest sister Wendy is 27, she works as an RN at the "Death Star,"as she likes to call it. My Brother Andy is 26, he is married to his wife Kristal, and as they like to call them their dogs are their kids. Riley is 25, he is in the Idaho National Guard. He was almost sent to Iraq, but because of his school he was not able to go. He just recently bought a house in Twin Falls, Idaho and is currently living there with his dog. My sister Muppy is 19, she is the one I'm the closet too. She is always there when i need someone to talk too. She lives with her boyfriend in his parents basement in Salt Lake. My step-sister is 26, i don't talk to her much, but she just moved down here to live with her mom and my dad in their house in kaysville. Shes not what i would call my sister, we definitely have our differences but shes not going anywhere. My dad has a wife Anne, I'm not the biggest fan of her either. She acts like she is my mom and that she knows everything about me and the world. My dad obviously loves her enough to leave my wonderful mom. My mom is amazing there are no words to describe her, she has been through more then people can imagine. When my dad left she had no job no college experience and was left to take care of her kids. I was 11 at the time and still remember it like it was yesterday. She went out got a full time job and was going to nursing school full time too. She has my ultimate respect, i don't know what i would do with out her.
My family is not "normal" i like to call them all freaks. As much as they are freaks and weird i still love them all the same!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

well....its hoollllaaaaaaaay!

Heyllo! My name is Hollay, my life consits of hanging out with my friends. Im 16 years of age. I live a very adventurous life. I just recently dyed my hair blue and purple, and i still have yet to get into trouble at school. Colton is not a very nice person at all. I'm a jr. at Davis High. For the most part I'm very outgoing and crazy. My best friend is Alex, he is my boyfriend and the one i can always talk too. I have many other best friends just some are Hail, and Heathur. My life is more hectic then imaginable, but for now thats all you get to read.